At least two dead in drive-by shooting in Germany’s south: Police

BERLIN: A gunman in a car has killed a woman and a cyclist in drive-by shootings in southern Germany, police say.


Police later arrested a suspect at a petrol station.

The shooter, travelling in a silver Mercedes convertible, also fired at or threatened a farmer and another motorist, but they were not wounded, police said.

The attacks took place in Leutershausen-Tiefenthal near the city of Ansbach in southern Bavarian state.

Police had issued a public alert about the gunman at large, warning that he was armed and dangerous, and mobilized all local police as well as helicopters.

After the arrest, police said they presumed the gunman had acted alone.

“At the moment we have no evidence of accomplices, but of course we will keep our eyes open,” police spokesman Bert Rauenbush told local News channel.

The shooter’s car was registered locally.

The mayor of Leutershausen, Siegfried Hess, said he was “stunned” by the incident.

“In a place with 5,500 inhabitants where we have always had a quiet life, we only know this kind of situation from television,” he told national news agency.