Axact Dubai office issued fake degrees, NYT reported

KARACHI: Dubai office of Axact was involved in the issuance of fake degrees to the applicants, New York Times (NYT) reported. Majority of the degree applicants wanted to join United States (US) military.


According to another story published by the NYT, the phone numbers of the universities and different schools are dead.

A former employee of the company said that he was given the task of selling degrees of Harrow and Nickson universities. The NYT sent messages and called on as many as 111 websites but not one attempt went through.

The newspaper claimed in its story that there are evidences for Axact’s contact in the US. The company has at least two accounts in a bank in Florida.

According to the former employee, Axact has made at least 20 different companies to deal with the finances. The NYT talked to Sikandar Riaz, 22, a former employee.

Communication student, Sikandar said that while working in the Islamabad office, he was assigned the task to sell degrees of Harrow and Nickson universities. Provision of degrees to the applicants within 15 days was used to be his deadline, he added.

Another former employee, Ahmed said that he is ashamed of what he did to the innocent people while working in Axact.

He sold degrees of Adison, Lorenz and Belford universities during his three years of service. The company was earning US $80,000 to US $0.1million in one day in 2012, he added. “Most of the degree applicants were youngsters in US who wished to join military, Ahmed told NYT.”

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