Baghdad bombing attacks kill at least 21: Police

Baghdad: Bomb attacks killed at least 21 people and wounded dozens more on Wednesday in neighbourhoods of the Iraqi capital, a police colonel said.


The attacks were the latest of a number of particularly lethal incidents in Baghdad in less than a week.

In the deadliest incident Wednesday, a cab bomb killed at least 16 people and wounded 30 on a busy commercial street in the western district of Bayaa.

A second attack in the northeastern Al-Shaab district left at least five dead and 16 hurt.

Police and interior ministry sources said it was a double suicide attack by attackers wearing suicide vests, against a joint police-army checkpoint at the entrance to Al-Shaab, with the victims being members of the security forces.

But a medical source said the incident involved a car bomb.

On Tuesday, at least 30 people died in two car bombings and attacks on police.