Blast at Italian Consulate in Cairo kills one

CAIRO: The latest news on the blast outside the Italian Consulate in Cairo early Saturday morning.


The blast heavily damaged several floors of the Italian Consulate building, leaving a gaping hole with bricks spilling from it and its red facade peeling off. Water from a broken pipe flooded the street.

Police ringed off the area with tape before investigators arrived. Charred car parts were scattered onto the street. A charred, baseball-size piece of an engine block was found blown over a row of buildings onto a parallel street.

“I was sleeping when the explosion went off, it blew in my window and when I went outside the air was full of dust,” said Ahmed Hasan, 20, a neighbor whose leg had minor cuts. He said the bomb went off at 6:20 a.m. and that he saw someone with a severed leg.