Bomb attack on Sana’a mosque kills 7

SANA’A: A bomb attack by the Islamic state militants on a mosque in the northwest of the Yemeni capital, kills at least seven people.


At least seven others were injured in the explosion near the al-Nour mosque in the al-Nahda neighborhood of Sana’a on Tuesday, the Arabic news channel reported.

Sources close to Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement confirmed that at least seven citizens were killed.

In June, similar blasts targeted the political office of Ansarullah as well as three mosques in the capital. Over 30 people died.

Islamic state and al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups have claimed similar deadly bomb attacks on mosques and religious centers in the past, saying the targets were Houthis.

According to UNICEF, six months of violence in Yemen have killed “at least 505 children.” More than 700 kids have been also injured in the Saudi airstrikes, and over 1.7 million others are at risk of malnutrition.