British Muslims demand to arrest Modi during UK visit

LONDON: Tariq Mahmood – a leading Muslim community activist has lodged a complaint against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding his arrest and prosecution in the United Kingdom over the 2002 Gujarat riots, in which British citizens were also killed.


Mahmood of Pakistan Patriotic Front (UK) registered his complaint at the Deptford Police Station in South London on Wednesday.

He requested to the police to “arrest the butcher of Gujarat” when he lands in London on charges of incitement and encouragement of murder of innocent Indian Muslims.

“Modi was not allowed to enter the UK at one time but the decision was later changed due to political and business considerations. He was directly responsible for what happened in Gujarat. The responsibility for the murder of three Britons lies with Modi. Families of victims have said so and the fact that he was banned means that the UK has evidence of his involvement.”

An extremist Hindu mob had burnt three British Muslims in riots sparked after 60 Hindus were killed in a a train fire. More than 2,000 Muslims were killed in the riots.

Narendra Modi was chief minister of Gujarat then and there has been a unanimous consensus that he encouraged the rioters to kill Muslims and did not do anything to bring the killers to justice.

The three British Muslims – Saeed Dawood, Shakeel Dawood and Mohammat Aswat – were killed near Prantij town of Gujarat’s Sabarkantha district.

The three men, who were visiting India to meet their relatives, were returning to Gujarat after a visit to Jaipur. Their car was stopped at a road cloaked by the charged mobs and were murdered in cold blood upon being recognised as Muslims.

Their drive was also burnt to death as reportedly they were not allowed to come out of the car when it was being set ablaze.

The families of the victims have been involved in a long drawn campaign calling on the UK government to permanently ban Modi from entering the country.

“I have requested to the police to arrest Modi and charge him for his direct involvement in the genocide of Muslims. He is a mass murderer who deserves to be put on trial,” said Tariq Mahmood.

“The police confirmed that they have registered my request and passed it on the diplomatic unit. I have no idea what will be the next steps of the police but it’s important to make a statement against the injustice committed by a known killer,” he added.

Separately, Modi is likely to face large-scale protests by members of Sikh community when he reaches here on an official visit in three weeks.

After the desecration of holy scripture of Sikhs in Indian Punjab, tens of thousands of community members will hold non-stop protests against the Indian premier for two days.

Furthermore, the beef ban and attacks by Shiv Sena on Muslims and Christians in various Indian states have also enraged British Muslims and thousands will be protesting against Modi’s fascist policies.