Dallas cops block highway, chase gunman after shooting at police HQ

DALLAS: A Dallas police sniper has shot an attacker who had earlier fired automatic weapons and left explosives at the police headquarters. Officers say they are now checking whether the man is dead.


Dallas police are in a standoff with one or more armed men in a van, who had fired several shots at the local police department and left several bags of explosives near it.

There was gunfire in front of the Dallas Police Department headquarters as a suspect rammed police cars and attempted to flee. The standoff at Interstate 45 that followed involved a SWAT team.

After the attack, several bags were found near the headquarters building. One was discovered to contain homemade explosives. Police are checking the remaining three.

One of the bags exploded on its own, Dallas Police Major Max Gerontweeted.

Another suspicious package was found under a police truck at the department’s parking lot. All the discovered explosives and suspected explosives have been disarmed.

To block the van, police had to shut down Interstate 45.

A police representative initially said there might have been up to four suspects in the van. The latest evidence indicates there was only one attacker shooting from several spots. The name he had given police during negotiations is connected to several earlier cases of domestic violence. Police say they can’t confirm whether the suspect gave his real name.

The 50-year-old man blamed the police for losing custody of his son, and claims they accused him of being a terrorist.

Dallas Police Major Max Geron says no officers were injured during the attack, chase or standoff.

The suspect’s van was intercepted near the town of Hutchins. Police are still cautious to enter the van, saying they have to check it for explosives first.