Father kills four-year-old daughter for ‘not covering her head’

NEW DELHI: A father allegedly killed his four-year-old daughter for not covering her head while having food in a village near Uttar Pradesh in India, according to police.


Quoting police Indian media reported the accused, Jafar Hussain, picked up his four-year-old daughter and threw her to the ground repeatedly after she did not realise her dupatta had slipped off her head during lunch.

The girl’s mother stated the father beat the girl to death in front of the whole family and when she tried to stop him, he beat her up as well.

Further, the FIR said after the girl died, the father asked his wife to bury her inside the house but she refused.

“Police have arrested the father for killing his daughter and we are questioning him about the incident,” superintendent of police BK Srivastav said.

Neighbours described Hussain, who lives with his wife Naeem and their four children, as a “mentally unstable” and a staunchly religious man.