Hillary Clinton vows to protect civil, religious rights if elected

Dallas: Presidential candidate for Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton has said that “We are at war with psychopathic killers who have perverted their religion for their own lust for power”.


She said that the hate mongering seen from Republican candidates against community of a specific faith is not right.

She was addressing at receptions at three different places in Dallas and Austin. These events were organized by a Pakistani American businessman Mohammad Tahir Javed.

She said, “I want to be a president that keeps moving us into the future. Not one that wants to put on the brakes and turns us in a big U-turn and turns us in the wrong direction”.

She said that there are three big differences in direction of policies she has with Republicans, in which one is over the economy. She said “first and foremost we have to get the economy working for everyone again. It’s not yet producing the income or the opportunities people need, we can put millions of people to work, it would be good work by investing in our infrastructure; our roads, and bridges, and our tunnels and our airports. But we got to make those investments into the future”.

Hillary said that their counterparts in Republican Party are making foolish assertions. They consider sending troops is the only solution to world political issues. She said that the way they are making negative statements on human rights and civil and religious rights and against immigrant communities are unacceptable. She said if she is elected, she will protect civil, civic and religious rights and will have the immigration reforms passed, will initiate development projects to move the economy in positive direction, and clear legislative obstacles to growth.

She said that serious issues and conflicts are coming to surface, and America needs a serious leadership to tackle these challenges.

She said that we would have to tackle world events at the same time our domestic issues will also need our focus. She said that she will give a second chance to those who are convicted of minor crimes, raise minimum wage which will help small businesses with extra demand for their products. She said that she has a few projects in her mind on energy sector and she will improve on Affordable Healthcare Act, which will reduce burden on poor people, adding that infrastructure projects will provide opportunities with millions of new jobs. She said that arms expansion should be curtailed.

Hilary Clinton’s finance committee member Mohammad Tahir Javed, while talking to Geo/ Jang said that Hillary is by far the best candidate for immigrants and minorities. Her winning of the Presidential elections will start a new era of prosperity in US.

The event was also attended by Muslim Democratic Caucus board members Amir Makhani, Pakistani American physician Dr. Khalid Mahmood, Akbar Birani, prominent businessman Hafeez Khan, Dr. Ameer Jamal, Zahid Khanzada, and Dr. Abdul Ahad