Indian air chief gives hollow threats of carrying out Myanmar style action in AK

NEW DELHI: IAF chief Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha said that his force had the requisite “capability” to take out the terror camps across the border if required.


He was addressing an annual press conference ahead of the Air Force Day.

To a question whether the IAF is capable of carrying out surgical operations inside Azad Kashmir (AJK), similar to one the Indian Army undertook inside Myanmar to demolish Naga insurgents’ camps, Arup Raha answered in positive.

“You want to ask about our capability. Yes, we have the capability but the intent would be of the Government,” he said.

To a question regarding the two-front war scenario, involving both Pakistan and China, he avoided a direct response, saying that the nation’s preparedness was not against anyone but the focus is to create a deterrent capability.

He said: “We are not looking at one-front or two-front war. We just want capabilities to deter a war and project power in our area of strategic interest. We are looking at building our fighter combat squadrons to 42 by 2027.”

Raha said several plans were under way for induction and deployment of “potent assets” as well as infrastructure development along the borders, even though he admitted China was developing “tremendous” military capabilities at a very rapid clip.