Indonesia arrests Indian suspect wanted for murders of 20 women

BALI: Police on the Indonesian resort island of Bali say they’ve arrested a former Indian primary school teacher who is facing the death penalty in his homeland for the murders of 20 young women.


The suspect is accused of murdering the women using cyanide from 2003 to 2009. A court in the southern Indian city of Mangalore had sentenced him to death in December 2013.

The 55-year-old suspect, an alleged crime boss in India, had been on the run for two decades, Police officials said, with Interpol flagging him as a wanted man back in 1995.

“We received information from police in Canberra yesterday (Sunday) about the red notice for a murderer,” he told AFP.

The federal police confirmed last month that suspect was living in Australia under another identity and had been in discussions with Indian authorities, the spokesperson said, but would not provide further details.

Police says suspect was arrested Sunday after arriving at Bali’s airport from Sydney, based on a red notice from Interpol.

Police official said police were questioning the suspect on Monday and coordinating with Indian diplomats.

Media in India have reported that suspect is a serial killer who preyed on women looking for marriage.

Interpol’s website states that suspect was born in the Indian city of Mumbai, and was wanted for multiple charges including murder and possession and use of illegal firearms.