Iran announces support for Russian strikes in Syria

TEHRAN: Iran on Thursday threw its support behind Russia’s air strikes in defence of their common ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, describing it as a step to solving “the crisis” in the region.


Iran´s foreign ministry said it supported the move that was “based on an official request from the Syrian government to the Russian Federation”.

“Iran sees the Russian military operation against armed terrorist groups in Syria as a step in the fight against terrorism that is in line with resolving the ongoing crisis in the region,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said.

Iran, the Syrian government´s key regional ally, has provided Assad with financial and military support, including army advisers on the ground.

“A real and thorough fight against terrorism, which is a common threat to regional and global peace and stability, is necessary,” Afkham said in a statement.

The fight requires “common international action based on cooperation with the Iraqi and Syrian governments that bear the main burden of fighting terrorism,” she added.

After weeks of military buildup by Russia in Syrian government-controlled territory, Russian senators on Wednesday voted behind closed doors to unanimously approve intervention in Syria.