Iraqi parliament finds Maliki, others responsible for Mosul fall: MPs

BAGHDAD: An Iraqi parliamentary investigation holds former premier Nuri al-Maliki and 35 others responsible for the fall of second city Mosul to jihadists last year, lawmakers said Sunday.


Investigative committee member MP Abdulrahim al-Shammari said that Maliki, who was prime minister from 2006 until last year, was among those named, as did another member who declined to be identified.

The report detailing findings of the investigation has been presented to parliament speaker Salim al-Juburi, who said it will be sent to the prosecutor general for legal action.

“No one is above the law and the questioning of the people, and the judiciary will punish those” responsible, Juburi said in a statement.

The Islamic State group launched a devastating offensive on June 9 last year, overrunning Mosul the next day and then sweeping through large areas north and west of Baghdad.

Multiple Iraqi divisions collapsed during the initial assault in the north, in some cases abandoning weapons and other equipment that then fell into jihadist hands.

Maliki is widely viewed as having exacerbated sectarian tensions in the country. Widespread discontent among Sunni Arabs, who say they were marginalised and targeted by Maliki´s government, played a major role in worsening the security situation in Iraq, culminating in the disastrous jihadist offensive.

He also appointed commanders based on personal loyalty rather than competence, and was commander-in-chief of the armed forces during two years in which the Iraqi military did not carry out necessary training, leading to a decline in skills.