IS is recruiting in Pakistan, Afghanistan, claims NATO General

KABUL: The Islamic State group is recruiting fighters in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the commander of NATO forces claimed.


“There’s recruiting going on in Afghanistan, there is recruiting going on in Pakistan. There is money being passed back and forth,” General John F Campbell the commander of NATO forces in the country told reporters on Saturday.

The Middle Eastern group, also known as Daesh, has never formally acknowledged a presence in Afghanistan and most self-styled IS insurgents in the country are believed to be Taliban turncoats rebranding themselves to appear a more lethal force.

“What we are seeing is that Taliban are rebranding… and they see this is an opportunity to gain resources and attention.” Campbell said, adding that they were not operational yet.

While some Taliban members may be switching allegiance, the two groups are believed to be arrayed against each other in Afghanistan’s restive south, with clashes frequently reported.