Nasrallah vows to displace ´millions´ in Israel if Lebanon attacked

BEIRUT: The head of Lebanon´s powerful Hezbollah threatened on Friday that his group would displace “millions” in Israel if the Jewish state attacks Lebanon.


Hassan Nasrallah made the threat in a televised address weeks after an Israeli army official warned that Israel would “have to” target civilian areas in Lebanon in a future confrontation with Hezbollah.

“If they threaten to displace 1.5 million Lebanese, then the Islamic resistance in Lebanon (Hezbollah) threatens to displace millions of Israelis,” Nasrallah hit back.

“We are not afraid of your war or of your threats,” he said.

“If you assume that we are busy in Syria, then you are wrong — because this changes nothing in how we deal with our enemy.”

Speaking to journalists on May 13, the Israeli army official said all villages in south Lebanon are a “military stronghold” where Hezbollah stockpiles rockets capable of hitting his country.