Pakistan must act against anti-dialogue groups: Ashraf Ghani

KABUL: Afghan President Dr Ashraf Ghani has called upon Pakistan to take action against those groups who are not supporting the Afghan peace dialogue process.


Ashraf Ghani said that the war in Afghanistan is a component of a big war which has also engulfed Pakistan. He said these problems are interlinked and use of force in only one country is not its solution.

In an interview with a British news agency, the Afghan president suggested that Pakistan should also take action against those groups who are not supporting the dialogue. “I promise to bury the Islamic State (IS),” he said.

Recently, Afghan security forces and Taliban militants had clashes with IS militants. Ghani said that the IS has no roots in Afghanistan and due to their barbaric acts, the Afghan people dislike them.

He said the Afghan nation is ready to take revenge from the IS. He emphasised on action against the IS at local and international level. During the International Economic Forum at Davos, he said that there was no doubt that Afghanistan was in great danger but his intentions were to mainly create regional cohesion.

He also warned about negotiations with the Taliban and said if the negotiation process did not start till April, then operations will be intensified and it will cause a negative impact on the region.