Pakistani migrant dies in Hungary while fleeing arrest

BUDAPEST: A Pakistani migrant died in Hungary on Friday after collapsing on railway tracks when a group of about 350 migrants escaped from a train station where 800 migrants were being held by authorities, police said.


Police said they did not chase the group and the man collapsed about 800 metres from the station in Bicske, west of Budapest.

State television said the man fell and hit his head on the tracks.

Meanwhile, a mass of desperate refugees stranded at Budapest’s main rail station for days set off on foot for the Austrian border Friday, despite mounting efforts by Hungary to crack down on a deepening crisis that is straining Europe’s unity.

With tensions growing across a divided EU, the human cost was underlined as the father of Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi, whose drowning on the crossing to Europe shocked the world, buried his family in their war-torn hometown.

Germany urged an end to “recriminations” as Britain said it would take in thousands more Syrian refugees — but only direct from camps, not those already in overstretched Hungary, Greece and Italy who are demanding their EU partners do more to help.

Hungary has become the newest flashpoint as thousands of migrants try to get to Western Europe, particularly Germany which has said it will no longer deport Syrian refugees and will take in 800,000 people this year.

In the Hungarian capital, a crowd of migrants put at more than 1,000, including people in wheelchairs and on crutches, set off determined to get to the Austrian border some 175 kilometres away.

“We are very happy that something is happening at last. The next stop is Austria. The children are very tired, Hungary is very bad, we have to go somehow,” said 23-year-old Osama from Syria.

Some flashed victory signs while others carried pictures of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who recently easing asylum rules for Syrians, as police looked on without intervening.

Hungary’s right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban sparked anger by saying his country did not want more Muslim migrants and warned that Europe would lose its Christian identity, as well as lashing out at Germany for failing to deal with the crisis.