Pakistanis among victorious in UK general elections

LONDON: With Prime Minister David Cameron’s stunning elections victory in Britain leaving his Labour opponents in tatters, nine British Pakistanis also managed to cement their place in the legislature.


The most prominent win was of Naz Shah, who defeated seasoned British politician George Galloway in Bradford West.

Other triumphant Pakistani politicians include Imran Hussain from Bradford East, Sadiq Khan from Tooting in London, Tasmina Sheikh from Scotland’s Perthshire, Yasmeen Qureshi from Bolton, Shabana Mehmood and Khalid Mehmood from Manchester, Nusrat Ghani from Weldon and Sajid Javed from Bromsgrove in England.

Anas Sarwar, however, lost his Glasgow seat to SNP’s Alison Thewlis.