Palestinian dies of wounds from Thursday Hebron clash

A Palestinian teenager shot by troops during clashes on Thursday in the West Bank city of Hebron died of his injuries on Friday, a Palestinian hospital official said.


Mahmud Shalaldeh, 18, was shot and wounded after the funeral of a relative, Abdallah Shalaldeh, who was killed by undercover Israeli agents during a Wednesday night arrest raid on the city’s Al-Ahli hospital.

Mahmud died Friday morning in the same hospital, the hospital official said.

Abdallah was shot as the Israelis, disguised as Palestinians including one masquerading as a wheelchair-bound woman snatched his cousin Azzam Shalaldeh from his hospital bed.

The Palestinian health ministry said 21 agents took part in the raid to capture Azzam, accused of an October 25 stabbing that wounded an Israeli near the Mezad settlement outside Hebron.

Violence since the start of October, including a wave of Palestinian knife, gun and car-ramming attacks, has cost the lives of 79 people on the Palestinian side including one Israeli Arab and 10 Israelis.

Many of the Palestinians killed were alleged attackers shot at the scene, others died in clashes with Israeli security forces.