Police commander killed in troubled Mexico state

CHILPANCINGO: Gunmen fired more than 100 shots to kill a police commander Thursday in the capital of Mexico’s troubled southern state of Guerrero, while three other people died in another shootout.


David Urquizo, the commander of the state investigative police unit, was ambushed by the armed group in the center of Chilpancingo, an official in the local prosecutor’s office told AFP.

Urquizo had survived a previous assassination attempt a few months ago, the official said.

Hours later, Urquizo’s unit killed three criminal suspects and wounded three others in a clash in the same city. Six other people were detained after the gunfight.

It was not immediately whether the clash was related to the commander’s murder.

The highway that links Mexico City to the Pacific resort of Acapulco passes through Chilpancingo.

Guerrero has been plagued by gang violence as criminals fight for control of opium poppy production and heroin trafficking.

It was in the Guerrero town of Iguala that 43 college students were abducted by crooked police officers and handed over to the Guerreros Unidos drug gang, which slaughtered the young men, according to prosecutors.