Two Emirati men accused of raping woman in Dubai

DUBAI: Two Emirati men (identified as R.M. and A.I., aged 19 and 24, both employees), who allegedly raped a woman at knifepoint in the desert, were charged with rape with the use of force and threat in the Court of First Instance on Wednesday.


The incident as told by the victim, a 32-year-old Moroccan, happened on August 23, last year.

She said that she went after 2.45am to a night club at a hotel on Shaikh Zayed Road to meet her friend but found it was closed. She was waiting outside when the two men stopped for her.

One of them stepped out and dragged her into the car as she was under the influence of alcohol.

They took the Dubai-Al Ain Road and stopped in a desert area.

There, one of them tried to force her to drink alcohol. They snatched her mobile phone and asked to have sex with her. Then they took off her clothes at knifepoint. One of them told her that if she did not do as they pleased they would cut her throat and bury her there.

A.I. raped her and then they raped her together at the same time.

Later, while A.I. was trying to start the car she took the knife and ran away.

She stabbed A.I. in the hand as he tried to catch her.

She ran totally naked on the street and hid behind trees as the two men drove around looking for her.

A vehicle, driven by two Asians carrying chicken, stopped for her and gave her some clothes to cover her body. They drove to Ajman for some work and then drove her to her home in Al Nahda, Dubai.

She lodged a complaint the following day. A Bangladeshi man, 30, said the victim stopped him and his friend as they were driving on Dubai-Al Ain Road towards Ajman around 4.30am.

“She was crying and looked scared and nervous. We tried to stop the cars passing hoping that some driver would take her home. But drivers slowed down and then continued driving after seeing her naked.”

A medical report issued by the Dubai Health Authority found that R.M. was not suffering from any mental illness and that he could be held responsible for his actions at the time the incident happened.

R.M. admitted that he and A.I. took the victim in their car as she was drunk to a desert area where they raped her at knifepoint.

The court has adjourned the hearing to November 10.