Turkey: 5 killed in clashes between authorities and PKK

Istanbul: Kurdish rebels raided a Turkish police station and fired on railway workers in two separate attacks that left five dead, officials said Friday, amid renewed conflict between the security forces and insurgents that has wrecked the fragile peace process.


Violence has sharply increased in Turkey in the past week, with the government launching aerial strikes against Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, bases in northern Iraq, and the rebels escalating attacks against Turkey’s security forces. Some 20 people, most of them soldiers, have died in the renewed violence.

The gunmen fired on police headquarters in the city of Pozanti, sparking clashes which left two police as well as two militants dead, Anatolia said, quoting top local officials.

The police were hunting for those attackers who escaped, it added.

The attack is the latest to be blamed on the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) which is engaged in an escalating cycle of violence with the security forces.

The military has been carrying out daily air raids on the group’s camps in northern Iraq for the past few days.

The PKK’s more-than-three-decade-long insurgency for greater rights and powers for Turkey’s Kurdish minority has left tens of thousands dead.