US backs Pakistan’s efforts to eliminate terrorism: Spokesman

WASHINGTON: The United States has said it supports Pakistan’s efforts to eliminate terrorism.


In a press briefing, State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters that we welcome the consensus from the highest levels of the Pakistani Government about the importance of combating all terrorists.

He said there are common challenges in the region that we want to continue to work with Pakistan to combat.

Kirby said we need to remember that Pakistan has also paid a heavy price because of terrorism inside their borders. They have lost civilians and soldiers and are going to continue to work with them in fighting the menace.

To a question about Haqqani Network, he said Pakistan has made it clear that it does not differentiate between militants.

And this is a commitment from their prime minister, that they will not allow Pakistani soil to be used as a safe haven for militants to attack other countries.

About Kashmir, Kirby said it is an issue that India and Pakistan need to work out.