US Marine dies, 21 injured in aircraft crash in Hawaii

HONOLULU: A US military aircraft crashed at an Air Force base sending thick black smoke into the air Sunday and took the life of a Marine, news stations in Hawaii reported.


Local television reports the MV-22 Osprey crash occurred at about 11:45 a.m. The aircraft was from the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, the station reported.

Twenty-two Marines from Camp Pendleton were aboard the Osprey during the training exercise mishap at the Bellows Air Force Base in Waimanalo, Hawaii, officials said. The Marines use the area for amphibious assault and non-live fire exercises.

The 21 surviving Marines were taken to hospitals “for assessment and treatment,” according to the Marine Corps.

Three hours after the crash, a reporter said a Marine died as a result of the crash.

The Osprey is a tilt-rotor aircraft that takes off and lands like a helicopter and flies like a plane. They may be equipped with radar, lasers and a missile defense system. Each can carry 24 Marines into combat.