Prime Minister to Take Opposition Parties in Confidence and Introduce an Electronic Voting System

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that his government plans to introduce a new electronic voting system to ensure transparent and fair elections for Pakistan. Keeping the opposition in mind he said that the opposition was part of the process and extended an invitation to the opposition parties towards amending the Constitution. He said according to his plans an electronic voting...

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USA to Cut Down Level of Troops Deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq

United States President Donald Trump will sharply reduce the number of US forces in Afghanistan from 4,500 to 2,500 before he leaves office, the Pentagon has announced according to AlJazeera and other news agencies. The Pentagon also outlined a modest withdrawal of US forces in Iraq that will reduce troop levels from 3,000 to 2,500. Acting Secretary of Defense Chris...

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12PM News Bulletin | 18th-November-2020

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12PM Headline | 18-November-2020

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PDM Ka Naya Mesaq Bananey Ka Elan

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Junior - Taleem Aam Karaingay - Juniors ko Parhaingay