PTI foreign Funding case: Rehbar committee seeks ECP to hear case on daily basis

ISLAMABAD:The opposition's Rehbar Committee on Wednesday submitted a memorandum to the secretary of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) demanding that a case regarding the scrutiny of ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf's (PTI) foreign funds be heard on a daily basis. The memorandum was submitted following a meeting of the opposition committee with the secretary of the ECP. PTI’s founding member Akbar...

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Asad Umar to be made planning minister in fresh cabinet reshuffle

ISLAMABAD: Former minister finance minister Asad Umar will make a come back to the federal cabinet as the minister for planning and special initiatives, the government chief spokesperson Firdous Ashiq Awan announced on Monday. She said as part of an expansion in the cabinet, Khusro Bakhtiar, who was until now serving as the Minister for Planning and Development, will be made the...

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Interior Ministry issues notification allowing Nawaz to travel abroad for medical treatment

ISLAMABAD: The interior ministry issued a notification on Monday formally allowing Nawaz Sharif to travel abroad for medical treatment, stating that the decision has been taken as an "interim arrangement" in light of the Lahore High Court's order. In its notification, the ministry reproduced the undertakings provided by Shehbaz Sharif and Nawaz to the LHC in which the terms of...

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Police claims to have arrested Indian nationals in Cholistan

BAHAWALPUR: Police in Cholistan on Monday arrested two alleged Indian nationals for entering Pakistan illegally, Newsone reported. Both Indians, as per police, entered Pakistan without proper documentation. Police have registered a case against the apprehended pair, who have been identified as Prashant and Darilal from the Indian states Madhya Pradesh and Hyderabad respectively. One of the those apprehended is a...

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Anti-Climax: Nawaz flying to London is what ‘System’ wants

By: |Syed Tazmeen Javed| It is said that there is no principal line in politics. It's believed that a political faction should not take an extreme position while making claims. Reasons for the mentioned beliefs and assertions in my understanding is the system where these political players are the part of. A system that is beyond their tiny intellect. As...

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