MsHadiyaSiddiqui Advocating peace, Pakistan Navy has had the privilege of conceiving and hosting the AMAN series of exercise ever since 2007. The endeavor, which has played a critical role in boosting the morale of Pakistan Navy, encompasses multinational exercise with friendly regional and extra regional naval forces. The goal is to strengthen the ties, enhance compatibility and mutual understanding amongst...

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3PM Headline | 19th-January-2021

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12PM Headline | 19th-January-2021

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Arrival at ECP of The Opposition Parties

Maryam Aurangzeb has said that PDM parties are coming to take a decision on foreign funding case from the Election Commission on January 19, and will sit with Maryam Safdar until the decision is given in writing. Talking to media, she alleged that the PTI had admitted foreign funding. The League spokesperson said that selected, corrupt and incompetent people are...

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Swinging The Way Around in USA Politics

Not to be confused with the Republicans, typical Democrats, the likes we have seen before getting false hopes to former PM Benazir Bhutto and getting her assassinated on Condo Rice’s call of affirmation that she would be in safe hands even if she made a speech out of the car which, Rehman Malik, Her adviser, strongly opposed of. The ensuing...

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