PPP leader Maula Bakhsh Chandio tests positive for COVID-19

PPP Senator Maula Bakhsh Chandio has tested positive for coronavirus after which he went into self-isolation. "My wife and son have also tested positive for the virus," he said, adding: "I am spending my time in my room along with my books." Furthermore, he said that he was "fine".

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Music icon Cher says she has been a ‘big fan’ of PM Imran since his cricket days

Music icon Cher expressed her gratitude towards Prime Minister Imran Khan, claiming she has been a fan of him since his cricket days. Turning to Twitter, the pop star and animal rights campaigner was still elated over the release of Kaavan, an Asian elephant chained up in alarming conditions at the Islamabad Zoo. The 74-year-old Mamma Mia star thanked the Pakistani premier...

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