Total lunar eclipse leaves skywatchers in awe

Thousands of skywatchers across Europe, Africa and the Americas battled sub-freezing temperatures to catch a glimpse of an unusual set of circumstances resulting in a lunar extravaganza known as a super blood wolf moon. The full Moon appears bigger than normal because it is closer to the Earth — about 222,000 miles (358,000 kilometers) away — which earns it the...

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Half a million attend rally against India’s Modi

India’s opposition parties drew half a million supporters to Kolkata’s streets on Saturday for the largest show of force yet against Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a national election looms. Police in the eastern city said 500,000 people turned out for the massive "Unite India" rally, which saw leaders from across the opposition spectrum rail against Modi and his ruling...

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Sahiwal encounter: CTD personnel taken into custody on CM Buzdar’s order

LAHORE: The Counter Terrorism Department officials involved in the alleged killing of a family were taken into custody on the orders of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar. Buzdar has also departed for Sahiwal on the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan where he will meet the relatives of the deceased. The heirs of Sahiwal alleged police encounter victims have called-off...

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