Nation marks 48th anniversary of the Fall of Dhaka

Today is 48th anniversary of the fall of Dhaka. On this day, East Pakistan was separated from Pakistan as a result of Indian aggression against a sovereign country in 1971 on December 16. The fall of Dhaka is an important chapter in the history of Pakistan, and in order to get to the depth of the incident, a Hamoodur Rahman...

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Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party wins majority in UK Election

LONDON: United Kingdom's (UK) Prime Minister Boris Johnson won a resounding election victory on Friday that will allow him to take Britain out of the European Union (EU) in matter of weeks. For Johnson, whose 20-week tenure in power has been marked by chaotic scenes in parliament and stark division on the streets over Britain’s tortuous departure from the EU,...

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Wet weather interrupts third day of Pakistan, Sri Lanka Test

RAWALPINDI: Wet weather delayed the start of play between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Rawalpindi on Friday, the first Test in the country since a deadly attack in 2009. Groundsmen were soaking the outfield and wiping water from the covers, with the third day's play unlikely to start until lunch at 11:45am. Rain and bad light halted play for all...

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Lawyers’ body announces nationwide strike

LAHORE: The lawyers’ Joint Action Committee has announced a countrywide boycott of courts on Friday. The committee, which includes representatives from the Pakistan Bar Council, Supreme Court Bar and Lahore High Court Bar, was formed on emergency basis to devise the next course of action, post the escalating rift with doctors in Lahore. Separately, the Pakistan Bar Council, a body...

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Qilla Saifullah accident claims 15 lives

Fifteen people are confirmed dead after an accident in Balochistan’s Qila Saifullah on Friday morning. Deputy Commissioner Dr Atiqul Rehman has confirmed the deaths. He said no one survived the accident. The bodies have been sent to Quetta. A passenger bus and van transporting goods such as Iranian petrol collided near Muslim Bagh. The Levies said the victims include women...

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