APS Martyrs

Story of Waseem Iqbal

Son of Hav. Muhammad Irshad Asif Waseem Iqbal’s family could not be contacted for this obituary. Waseem is described by his teachers as a happy go lucky student. He was an active and energetic soul who was loved by all his teachers. He was fond of playing cricket and was a good player.

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Story of Syed Afaq Ahmed

Son of Zahir Shah (late) and Bibi Amna Siblings: Shah Fahad (27), Bibi Fatma (25), Shamsul Qamar (24), Bibi Rabia (19), Farooq Didar (18), Bibi Uzma (16), Arsh Zahir (13) Just like his elder siblings, Afaq wanted to be a doctor. He was not a very social child and preferred being home and playing on the computer. He was very...

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Story of Shayan Nasir

Son of Naila and Jamal Nasir Siblings: Fazle Nasir (25), Shahab Nasir (23), Seemab Nasir (21), Zubair Nasir (19) and Shafi Nasir (17) Shayan was a religious boy and hoped to inspire his friends and family to be regular with their prayers. His father says Shayan would tell his mother not arrange dinner before the night prayer as his father...

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Story of Shamowail Tariq

Son of Shagufta and Tariq Jan Siblings: Mehwish Tariq (18), Sohail Tariq (13) and Sawail Tariq (7) Shamowail father describes him as a mature and responsible young boy. He was a respectful and obedient son and was nick named Babar Sher (lion). Whenever his siblings were disappointed by their father, Shamowail would cheer them up and make them laugh by...

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Story of Shahbaz Ali

Son of Shoukat (late) and Khalida Ali Siblings: Saba Gul (18) Hailing from a village in Lower Dir, the Ali family has suffered two tragedies. Shahbaz’s father passed away a year before he was killed in the attack. With Shahbaz and his father both gone, his mother and sister have had to relocate from Peshawar back to the village. Mrs...

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Story of Saad Ur Rehman

Son of Mr and Mrs Zahid Abdullah Shah Siblings: Ibad ur Rehman (19), Maad ur Rehman (10) Saad loved computers. He was known as a ‘computer master’ and was popular amongst his friends for repairing faulty machines. He was very close to his father; they were like best friends. He took special care of him, and the last thing he...

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Story of Rafique Raza Bangash

Son of Shazia and Abid Raza Bangash Siblings: Murtajez Raza Bangash (12) A resident of Peshawar’s Hayatabad area, Rafique is described by his family as a polite and respectful boy. People who knew him are as moved and saddened by his passing as his family. He was a religious child and often asked his father why there was extremism and...

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Story of Osama Zafar

Son of Seema Shehwar and Zafar Iqbal Siblings: Fatma Zafar (13), Ayesha Zafar (12), Talha Zafar (10) Osama’s family says he was an obedient son. He had a generous disposition, and would always ask his gate keeper about his health and make sure he has been served meals on time. His father recalls that he was born in the Combined...

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Story of Noor Ullah Durrani

Son of Falak Naz and Tehseen Ullah Durrani Sibling: Sana (19), Hafsa (17), Ammara (11) Noor Ullah Durrani was very close to his family. His sister says that when they were in the same school, he would treat his friends to snacks from the canteen and put the tab on his sister. He wanted to be doctor and was a...

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Story of Muhammad Waqar

Son of Muhammad Raiz and Rukhsana Raiz Siblings: Muhammad Hamza age 18 years student (APS), Muhammad Asim age 13 years student (APS), Muhammad Haris age 6 years student, Maryam age 12 years student. So innately gifted was Muhammad Waqar that he only had to scan his books once to know what was in them, after which he would write a...

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Story of Muhammad Uzair Khan

Son of Khalid Shakeel and Neghat Yasmeen Siblings: Shehriyar (18), Umair (11) The second-born of three brothers, Uzair was a hardworking student who aspired to be a doctor. He had a beautiful voice, and was often selected to recite Quranic verses at school events. The day of the attack, Uzair did a recitation that many of his teachers and friends...

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Story of Muhammad Tahir

Son of havaldar Muhammad Ismail and Sajida Kalsoom Siblings: Iqra Mustafwi (17), Fizza Mustafwi (6), Quratulain Fatima (5) Tahir has a melodious and powerful voice. For this reason, he was often selected to sing national songs at school. His father says he was skilled with IT-related work. He wanted to be a software engineer when he grew up. An intelligent...

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Story of Muhammad Shafqat

Son of Sep ( r ) Muhammad Arif Muhammad Shafqat’s family could not be contacted for this obituary Shafqat’s teachers say he was a polite and intelligent student who aspired to become a soldier like his father. He never teased other students and was a focused and hardworking young boy.

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Story of Muhammad Mohsin Murtaza

Son of SM (R) Gulam Murtaza and Fazeelat Jan Siblings: Gulam Mujtaba (12 dec 1986), Yaseen Akhter (02 aug 1988), Noureen Akhter (15 oct 1990), Gulam Yaseen (30 oct 1992), Ahsan Murtaza (31 Dec 1994), Munira Murtaza (20 june 2000), Saifullah (20 oct 2002), Zobia Murtaza (30 oct 2006). In a family of nine children, Mohsin stood out with his...

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Story of Mouzzam Zulfiqar

Son of Sep/Clk Zulfiqar and Rehana Siblings: Javeria Zulfiqar (14), Zunaira Zulfiqar (10), Muhammad Jasim (3.5). As the eldest, Mouzzam was a responsible and obedient son. He was a hard-working and studious boy who took an active part in class activities and school events such as plays and skits. He was very close to his mother and grandmother. He was...

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Story of Mohammad Yaseen

Son of Mohammad Asif and Mrs Afshan Asif Siblings: Ayesha age 7 years student, Fatma 2 years (Both children are adopted, while Yaseen was his own son) Mohammad Yaseen was a jovial boy who always lent a sympathetic ear to others. He loved helping those less fortunate than him, and often ate lunch with domestic help and gate-keepers. His parents...

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Story of Mohammad Ammar Khan

Son of Lt Col (R) Ibrahim Khan Shinwari and Raheeda Begum Siblings: Mohammad Salman Khan (21), Mohammad Arsalan Khan (no age given), and two sisters (no names and ages given) An aspiring doctor, Mohammad Ammar Khan wanted to serve the people of his community and his hometown Landi Kotal when he grew up. When the military operation started in Khyber...

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