APS Martyrs

Story of Waseem Iqbal

Son of Hav. Muhammad Irshad Asif Waseem Iqbal’s family could not be contacted for this obituary. Waseem is described by his teachers as a happy go lucky student. He was an active and energetic soul who was loved by all his teachers. He was fond of playing cricket and was a good player.

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Story of Nawab Ali (teacher)

Son of Fazal Rabani and Husn Zaiba. Children: Faizan (13), Habiba Gul (10), Ayesha (9). Lecturer: Math Qualification: Msc math, M.ed. Nawab was a self-made man. When he was a student, he would work after school to earn money for his school fees. Even then, he was a math genius, and was popular in his hometown Charsadda for his math...

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Story of Muhammad Saeed (teacher)

Son of Muhammad Safdar Khan H/o Ayesha Bano Lecturer: Islamic Studies Qualification: M.A Islamite, M.ed. Children: Rimsha Saeed, Hajra Saeed, Naima saeed, Muhammad Talha, Muhammad Anas. Saeed had been teaching Islamic Studies at APS for nine years. With an MA in Islamiat, he is described by students as a good teacher who was soft-spoken and kind. He was an advocate...

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Story of Hajra Sharif (teacher)

D/O Muhammad Sharif & Israr Bibi Siblings: Ruman Nissah, Muhammad Amin, Bibi Aamna, Abrarul Amin, Samina Parveen, Shahid Amin Qualification: M.sc Chemistry, Specialization in Physical chemistry, B.ed (university of Peshawar), M.ed (AIOU). Occupation: Chemistry Teacher Holding the position of a chemistry teacher at APS, Hajra Sharif had the knack of controlling a class effectively, and was very well-rounded in her...

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Story of Hafsa Khush (teacher)

D/O Prof Khush Muhammad Siblings: Muhammad Anas Khan (27), Javeria (23) Qualification: M.Sc. Botany, B.Ed., M.Phil. 2nd semester (University of Peshawar) Occupation: Biology teacher An intelligent and determined woman, Hafsa began working at the Army Public School in November 2013. Hafsa was a middle child and her brother Anas remembers her as very kind and responsible. She was close to...

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Story of Farhat Bibi (teacher)

Wife of Syed Abid Ali Shah Occupation: Urdu Teacher, 3 years Children: Syed Sitwat Ali Shah age 18 years student, Syed Baqir Naqqi age 15 years student, There’s a palpable void in Farhat Bibi’s new house which is complete yet heavily incomplete. Widowed husband Abid Ali Shah and sons Baqir and Sitwat Ali Shah are still numb with grief as...

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Story of Benish Umer (teacher)

W/O Umer Zeb Butt Childrens: Hibbah Umer (5), Annaya Umer (3), Affaf Umer (1) Qualification: M.Sc. Computer Science (Greenwich University), M.A. English (University of Peshawar) Occupation: Computer Science teacher A loving wife and a caring mother, teaching was Benish’s aim and mission in life. She began working at the Army Public School in October 2013. Her husband Umer recalls how...

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Story of Akbar Zaman (staff)

Family: Bibi Rabia (widow), Tahir Zaman, Anwar Zaman, Mohammad Zaman, Ahmad Khan “Akbar was a very pleasant man,” says his widow, Bibi Rabia. He had a soft disposition and would always advise his sons and cousins to keep away from disputes. Akbar had joined the Pakistan Army’s Electrical and Mechanical Engineering department in 1983 as a clerk and moved to...

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Story of Ehsanullah (staff)

Son of Zainullah and Saleema Bibi Children: Yasirullah (3) Muhammad Yousaf (5 months) Ehsanullah joined APS just 10 days before the attack. On that gruesome day, he helped shift 40 injured children into ambulance before the attackers apprehended him. He was the proud father of a three-year-old and a newborn who he named Yousaf. He wanted his kids to grow...

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Story of Mohammad Shafiq (staff)

Son of Mohammad Sadiq Children: Saqib (8), Yusra (7), Afia(5), Fareeha (2) Shafiq was the head clerk at APS since 1996. He was jokingly called the ‘pioneer employee’ of the school. His brother says Shafiq was an honest and hard working member of the school staff. He loved and cared for the students with all his heart. He longed for...

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Story of Mudassar Khan (staff)

Son of Mr and Mrs Muhammad Khan Siblings: Sher Khan, Anas Khan, Umar Khan, Gulnaz, Afshan, Fatima. A native of Swat valley, Mudassar was a lab assistant at APS with a Diploma in Clinical Pathology and a Masters in Pashto from the University of Peshawar. He was the eldest amongst his siblings and the sole bread winner of his family....

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Story of Muhammad Bilal (staff)

Son of Pervaiz Shah Children: Abbas (3.5 years), Hanan (6 months old). Bilal and his wife were expecting their second child when he was killed in the attack last December. His wife has named her newborn Hanan, because her husband loved that name. He was attacked by the terrorists when they saw him helping children escape from a back exit....

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Story of Muhammad Hussain (staff)

Son of Shamsher Khan and Saira Bibi Children: Hina (7), Iqra (5) and Aneesa (3) Muhammad Hussain served as gardener in the Army Public School (APS) for a period of seven years. After his passing in the Peshawar massacre, his brother Naheed Khan was offered the job that he took. Naheed says he got to know much more about his...

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Story of Muhammad Sami (staff)

Son of Shamsur Rehman and Asia Bibi Siblings: Saeeda (27), Zainab (23), Rani (18), Amanullah (18), Sidra Gul (16), Atiq Ur Rehman (8) Sami began to work at a young age due to sheer poverty. His father suffered from cancer, and Sami set out to work when he was just a young boy to support the family and pay his...

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Story of Pervaiz Akhter (staff)

Husband of Sajida Parveen Children: Wasim Pervaiz (21), Umme Kalsoom (20), Saleem (19), Raheem (14) Pervaiz Akhter worked as a lab assistant at Army Public School for 20 years. Devoted to the school, students say he was an honest and dedicated worker. His children remember him as a soft-spoken, kind-hearted father who, despite his limited salary, fulfilled all their demands...

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Story of Sajjad Ali (staff)

Son of Ejaz Ali (Late) and Talat Sajjad Children: Fahad Ali (4.5) and Faizan Ali (10) Sajjad Ali served at the APS for 10 years. His nephew Mudasser tells how the staff at the school as well as Sajjad’s relatives admired him. An amicable man, Mudasser recalls how Sajjad was regarded as a peace maker by members of the family...

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