Story of Abdul Azam Afridi

Son of Mr and Mrs Ghayas Ud Din Afridi


Siblings: Alveena Ghayas (30), Dr Amir Azam Afridi (29) and Sikandar Azam Afridi (28)

Abdul was a fun-loving, naughty student. He once went to the computer lab at school and poured water on all the computers. Later, when an infuriated teacher asked who did it, Abdul owned up to the mischief and was fined Rs8,000 as penalty.

He was not particularly fond of his studies. His passion, however, was martial arts and weight-lifting, which he pursued with a fervour which earned him medals and certificates.

His mother says her boy was simple. Even at the age of 20, he would sleep in her bed like a two-year-old. She describes him as a generous person, who spent his pocket money by giving it the gate-keeper and other low-wage workers in his colony.

He loved animals and was the proud owner of a dog. Before he passed away, he told his driver he was excited about adopting his friend’s Persian cat.


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