Story of Adil Shahzad

Son of Muhammad Younas and Azra Bibi


Siblings: Afan Shahzad (12), Aliza Shahzad (9), Ahmed Ali (6)

A clever and responsible child, Adil Shahzad was the eldest of four children and regarded as a role model by his siblings and cousins. A serious, studious and meticulous child, he made timetables for himself and regularly followed them.

He was close to his father and grandmother, whom he obeyed and cared for a great deal.

Adil wanted to be a professor and aspired to get a PhD degree from Brazil. A bright student, he always received over 90 per cent grades in his classes and enjoyed English, Urdu and Islamiat.

In addition to his interest in academics, Adil was a good athlete, but an accident in 2010 fractured both his legs and curbed his ability to run.

He enjoyed badminton and cricket and was a good batsman. He was also fond of flying kites.

Adil and his siblings watched Doremon together, his favourite cartoon. The teenager also liked playing computer games.

Adil’s family members are proud of him.


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