Story of Ali Abbas

Son of Mr and Mrs Muhammad Akram Shah


Siblings: Sundas Shah (13), Ali Anis (9)

A native of the Nowshera district, Ali is described by his parents as a polite and considerate child who did not make demands of them as other children sometimes do. Whether it was clothes or other gifts, he was content with whatever he was given. If there was one thing he was particular about, it was his appearance – especially his hair and skin. He had a special oil and cream for his hair and skin.

He was very close to his mother and grandmother, with whom he shared a special bond. Sometimes in the winter, he would tease his grandmother by switching the fan on and removing her blanket. She would lovingly make sweet parathas for her grandson.

His absence in their lives is felt every day. His sister and mother weep for their beloved Ali and say they will never forget him.


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