Story of Asfand Khan

Son of Ajoon Khan and Shahana Bibi


Siblings: Mohammad Wadan Khan (5) and Mahrosha Khan (12)

A quiet but confident teenager, Asfand Khan aspired to become a lawyer. The other two things he was passionate about were driving and training at the gym.

Aside from these interests and unlike most other boys his age, Asfand preferred to keep to himself. He liked being solitary and would spend most of his free time in his room. His respectful demeanor earned him love from elders and admiration of those younger to him.

Asfand was close to his father and the two spent a lot of time together flying kites and travelling for picnics. His responsible nature also meant that in his father’s absence, Asfand took on the role of the man of the family. He would shoulder his father’s responsibilities and take care of his mother and siblings.

Asfand’s demise struck his father terribly. He feels that with Asfand’s death, not only has he lost a son, but also a friend and a right-hand man.

“After my son’s shahadat, I will have to start my life from scratch,” his father says.


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