Story of Atif ur Rehman

Son of Wazir Rehman and Bibi Zahra


Siblings: 8

Atif ur Rehman, the youngest of eight siblings, aspired to be a doctor and serve the residents of his native village. His elder brother facilitated Atif’s move from their village to Peshawar for his studies. A good student, Atif usually received over 90pc marks in his classes

However, despite passing the test for Cadet College Kohat, he was unable to receive admission there.

A technology enthusiast, he enjoyed watching informative documentaries about gadgets and playing computer games.

The responsible and soft-spoken teenager also liked playing cricket and football and was an avid Justin Bieber fan.

His elder brother admits he still feels Atif’s absence. He says after the family lost Atif, they were going through his schoolbooks and found he had written a sentence: “Love you, Dad. Anything happen, I would not let you down before anyone.”


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