Story of Basit Ali Sardar

Son of Sardar Ali and Sadaf Sardar


Siblings: Kiran Sardar (18), Irum Sardar (16) and Basharar Ali Sardar (12)

Hailing from the Shawa village in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Swabi district, Basit Ali Sardar was no ordinary boy. His mother remembers him as a considerate son who would assist her in household chores and especially in the kitchen. A friend as her mother likes to remember him, Basit would ask her if she needed help in washing dishes, cutting the vegetables and would even prepare tea and meals for guests.

Very responsible at his age, Basit would ask his mother if anything was needed at home and would bring all necessary times, such as flour, vegetables, ghee and other materials.

He was very attached to his family and would also travel to Shawa, his home village where his grandparents still live.

Basit loved cars and began driving when he was in class 5, surprising neighbours and passersby how such a young boy could be behind the wheel.

He enjoyed good food and was particularly fond of biryani and fast food. Some other simple pleasures that kept Basit busy were reading books and playing cricket. He also liked animals and once brought two parrots to keep at home but with his father saying no to keeping the birds, he let them fly away.

Basit wanted to join the army as a commissioned officer. Having once failed the test for the cadet college, he was selected upon taking the second one. However, the selection letter was received by his parents after Basit’s passing.


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