Story of Hamayun Iqbal

Son of Mr and Mrs Mohammad Iqbal


Sibling: Sadia Iqbal (19), 17-year-old Palwasha Iqbal, 15-year-old Nafeesa Iqbal, 13-year-old Usman Iqbal, 11-year-old Shabir Iqbal (4), 4-year-old

Hamayun was a naughty but loved student.

At least once a week, his father would be called to the school to discuss some trouble caused by Humayun. He says the minute he would reach the gate, the gate keeper, watchman, gardener, teacher and head teacher would start off, full of complaints about him. But because he was a good student, no one ever became angry with him. He was known in school as “Italian boy” because of his looks.

He was close to his father and has a special bond with his grandfather Haji Saddar Azam. Humayun’s father says his grandfather had not been able to the bear the loss of his beloved grandson and grows weaker each day.


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