73 Years of Freedom and Progress

As we enjoy the celebrations of the 14th of August, Pakistan’s 73rd birthday today we have to consider the background along with all the sacrifices and the zeal of the ones whose efforts to achieve a separate nation to freely practice their religion and culture.


After the landmark announcement on the radio on the late evening of 14th of this very month (73 years ago) uncountable souls started moving to the freshly established Pakistan. The passion with which the people moved in flocks, trucks, trains , carts, caravans and even on foot saw many slaughtered. This did not weaken the spirit of the hordes of families moving towards their newly formed homeland. The wave that had risen did not fall weak although their family members were cut down and taken away from them forever in front of them under the open sky. They carried on and reached their destination through the only open route available at that time. Even though they faced many ambushes and hurdles the journey to freedom did not stop. They settled ultimately, in the Pakistan that the dream of Iqbal and the efforts of Jinnah together had made come true.

There were then family’s here already in Pakistan who were fully prepared to shelter and house the ones arriving. It was in turns that the family’s arrived, lock stock and barrel – if applicable at all because most had to leave all or some of their most precious belongings and properties.

This is the memory that we should always retain and never let it fade with time. So to say that the cost that we paid to have a homeland was not trivial but very high and valuable in its nature. Today we celebrate the memories of  those very moments of freedom that we attained back then.

On the 73rd independence day of Pakistan we saw the traditional flag hoisting, the canon salute and the progression of the ceremonial activities with conferring of various prestigious civil awards to the outstanding from various walks of life both within and foreign based.

Every year we celebrate our independence with a passion along with our families in remembrance that today we are because we had our elders sacrifice for our freedom and we keep our Pakistan flag hoisted high with a pride to excel in every field of life and be recognised on the international front amongst one of the nations to be reckoned with.

At this point it is essential to add that Mushal Malik of Kashmiri descent wished a very prosperous  independence day to Pakistan. This is because Kashmir stands with Pakistan.



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