10 million views, Barkat e Ramzan OST video receives massive praise from world over


By: | Muhammad Ali Azlan |



Earlier, the official lyrics and audio version of the OST was released to massive praise and approval and the much awaited video too was received in the same token.

Like previous years, this year too, the listeners and viewers are left flabbergasted and on the edge of their seats for what is to come in this year’s mammoth Ramzan transmission which is sure to make and break all kinds of records.

Newsone is honored to inform that the Facebook official OST for Barkat–e-Ramzan touched the benchmark of over Ten million views by now with the last 1 million being achieved in a matter of just few hours on Facebook, the views will surge Insha Allah to the maximum heights as we draw closer to the holy month and hence forth.

We hope you will help us achieve more in the upcoming days and keep showering us with your love and appreciation.

The Kalam begins with the importance of the Holy Book that was revealed in Ramzan and then connecting it with the soulful, devotional acts which Muslims observe.

‘Barkat-e-Ramzan, Manzil-e Eiman, both rhyme, that a believer, if adheres to the basic commandment of fast, he/she will ascend to the highest of faith. As the Quran in Surah- Al- Baqra clearly states.

Barkat-e-Ramzan aims to win the hearts and minds of its viewers and listeners yet again this time with the same zeal, zest and perseverant hard work as before.

Famous Anchor, trend setter, the lovely, the elegant and vibrant Maya Khan will host ‘Barkat-e-Ramzan’ transmission this year on your very own channel, Newsone.

She is known in this industry for a long time, and has undoubtedly made a great name for herself with passion, dedication, utmost hard work, and conceptual creativity thus making herself unique among her contemporaries.

In 2016, she broke all records of ratings and this time will come up with the new concepts, along with already established segments which have now become a mainstay of Ramzan transmission.

A huge name in the world of television who can also be considered a trailblazer when it comes to Morning shows and Ramzan Transmissions.

Here is to hoping for another prosperous, kind, benevolent, merciful and bountiful month of Ramzan to Muslims around the globe.



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