Alternative Translations of the Asteroids

You must have come across earlier on our website about the passing of yet another asteroid near our planet. The asteroid was named ‘Near – Earth Object’ (NEA). This phenomenon is easily explained in a scientific way. Asteroids are still and will always remain a subject of keenness for the followers of cult and lore as they are one of the celestial happenings through which the stargazers predict the future as they dabble with the spirit of the medium from the skies as was revealed by wise ones (gender differs from region to region) of olden times about the arrival of prophets of significance. It is somewhat similar to the spiritual art of reading auras and the likes. As for the asteroids science presents its theory that the age of dinosaurs was mostly devastated during the first wave was of the asteroid shower. Followed by the unbearable ice age that was preordained.


Now what significance do the celestial happenings have is something that a huge flock of believers still take as a sign.

Let’s begin with the Aztec belief of their following the celestial happenings. Their pyramids that were built, if seen from the sky had a very planned layout and it was then believed that their higher beings descended upon them.

More clearly it is observed amongst the ancient Egyptians who from a small town sized country expanded to create a dynasty based on magic and spiritual prowess that allowed them a zealous will to conquer. And all the land they conquered they made remarkable figures throughout. The Obelisk even used today at innumerable countries is of Egyptian origin.

The phenomenon of star watching and deriving near future happenings from them is not one unknown to humans. The Egyptians excelled in the art because of the region they lived in, having access to years of knowledge and exchange from ones ‘from’ the previous times. The very fact that at a certain point of the year three stars from the constellation of Orion correlate and align with the three most important of pyramids of the upper Egypt plateau, built with knowledge without the help of a wheel mechanism these pyramids are already, as we all know counted as one of the wonders of the world. This is but one example. Mummification itself is something that was done far much before its time and scientists are still studying the full process of the same. But here we are talking specific asteroids and their spiritual connection to life on earth, for asteroids are considered celestial objects by an unbelievable number of people.

There are several of asteroids which pass Earth almost nearing the atmospheric layers and a thrilling experience it is for all of us not to mention that every asteroid coming towards the Earth poses a certain level of threat of clashing on the surface which would have disastrous consequences. But rarely and luckily does it happen. While a whole lot of souls spend their time capturing them on cameras there are those mystical ones who study their other significances. ‘Other significances’ may easily be translated as the ones who make spiritual sense out of them. Translating hidden meanings from their arrivals.

As much as we do know about the scientific facts of asteroids, according to several alternative sciences experts who are always deriving some note of another meaning from them retains its importance in more circles than we know of. Anyhow, be it science or spiritual the fact remains that asteroids do have certain effects due to their chemical and elemental nature which constantly change while travelling through various spatial regions.



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