Ayyan’s 8 Shades of Lilt

After the online release of the single ‘Earthquake’ on January 2015  the model turned singer Ayyan Ali revealed on her social media accounts of the arrival of her remaining eight tracks from the album ‘Nothing Like Everything’. Much before the designated time she slated the eight tracks on her YouTube channel gathering a reasonable amount of views within days of the release.


The songs, which took about a decade to complete for the album, are very much there now and, to an element of surprise which should not be there, the demand for her videos has come up. Okay, we agree, she’s some serious flaming good looker and definitely the demand for the ‘model turned singers’ videos comes as no big surprise. Blast from the past – recalls, even when she was involved in the million dollar case, she afforded headlines!

Earlier on the 3rd of August you may have come across her posts revealing that she would finally be completing her entire album within seven days. This was duly posted on the artist’s various social media accounts. The post read as follows:

From the song ‘Fire’ to ‘Hush’ the eighth number, you can find the artists’ slant towards the UAE market. The songs unlike ‘Earthquake’ itself, where Ayyan probably seems to be finding her right footing, are now somewhat of a blend of Nancy Ajram and Shakira with a dash of Jen Lopez’ loopy vocal style.

You will find a hyped 8k groove boost with digital sound samples ranging from Reggae styled Mid Eastern percussion to rigged out fanatic emotions-club sounds ‘floor reverberating bass’ kicks. Add to that the Electro-lilt of violin with perfect gel of side percussions ranging from Bedouin drum to electro funk, the artist seems to have got her groove in place with these releases. Although, a couple of them seem a bit vaccum-ed through. If you’re a music enthusiast or even if you’re not, the odds of not liking the mixes are slight.

well so much for now, let’s get you where the songs are with this link:



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