Book Review: John Grisham’s ‘A Time For Mercy’ will Keep You Mesmerized!

John Grisham who is well known for his simple and yet engrossing unputdownable books has an array of best sellers to his name, most of them dealing with legal matters of sorts from large courtrooms and metropolitans to far seated towns in the American environ. There are more than a number of ways he presents his readers the stories, ranging from  ‘short story based novels’ to ‘multi-hundred’ page reads. The treatment is almost always of a colloquial nature and very relatable for international readers. It is no surprise that here in Pakistan we may find a large number of readers sifting through the leaves of his novels which are widely available at most book stores. Thus it may be said that the writer enjoys a niche amongst the Pakistani readers.


The literati of Pakistan enjoys several foreign writers amongst whom Grisham has a respectable place. On a lighter note the writer makes it point to often promote his quotes and books on social media through posts designed and written in form of community addresses. But we are not here discussing the author’s personal life, are we!

The all time best seller A Time To Kill’s protagonist Jake Brigance is back in the author’s latest penned bestseller A Time For Mercy. The novel has Jake as the main character this time.

A Time To Kill got the lawyer Jake much popularity because of his non compromising attitude where truth and justice are concerned. This created Jake’s reputation as a lawyer with firm and solid footing.

In the October 2020 published A Time For Mercy, Jake delves into the Clanton town of Mississippi, defending a sixteen year old Drew Gamble, charged with the murder of an official where the entire town wants the kid to face the music. A sort of modern Billy the kid approach, perhaps with a strong lawyer defending the kid seeing it from a totally another perspective than the rest of the townsfolk.

The story is deeply intricate with the typical Grisham approach of writing scene to scene styled chapters revolving around the lacunas and loopholes of American law and the courtrooms.

A must read for anyone who has earlier read A Time To Kill, A Time For Mercy will keep your nights busy enough to slide into a thrilling sleep.


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