Choose Your Green Tea Flavour

You may well remember the famous advertising campaign Lipton green tea launched when they came out with shopping bags that were designed as their green tea bags. It created quite an impact in the countries it was launched in. The campaign was also one of the most famous ones and featured on several viral social media platforms in the 1990s.


What exactly is green tea?
Green tea, as we know it today, is more or less the same variant of the normal tea plant leaves that regular tea comes from. The difference lies where the drying process and the environment of the plants are concerned. It was made famous by the Asian monks where it was used on a regular basis for spiritual purposes and to wear off tiredness. The latter is what we are all familiar with. Green tea has a number of benefits. In our culture it is consumed after meals for a digestion additive or taken for its medicinal value.

Green tea is the choice of tea for females dieting due to its unique attribute towards increasing metabolic rate. This is because of the antioxidant catechin flavonoid present in it. Antioxidants are helpful for a number of bodily functions, but that is another story we may elaborate on later.

The process of preparing proper green tea is somewhat of a task which requires time and patience. This is made easy by the availability of the already processed green tea that we buy off the shelf both in leaf and tea bag forms.
If that is not enough green tea may also be found in flavoured forms. This makes it even more palatable. Lipton, a company synonymous with teas and green tea just recently unveiled its latest range of flavoured green teas. These smooth and refreshing new flavoured teas for summer season add that much wanted zest to the experience of green tea consumption. The flavours launched by the Lipton are the smooth watermelon and the perky mint. These new additions to the Lipton family are also available online.

The trend of having flavoured green tea has been around for a while. When it is brewed at home the flavour would be added to give it that much wanted punch. Now, we are yet to lay our hands on a bagful of Lipton’s flavoured teas and give them a go. Happy, healthy tea having!



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