Coming Back to Life

On the reopening of various businesses the words of Asad Umer stating the “Philippines is learning from Pakistan” resonates the very plan that Ayub Khan had developed for Pakistan. At that time world leaders gave the example of Pakistan as one country to learn from where development was concerned.  From establishing PIDC, PICIC, Banks and similar, for businesses to help develop and expand to major-tactical-active cantonment establishments to a long term development economic plan for Pakistan. However, that was decades ago. Countries which applied this economic strategy went miles ahead. After facing the Corona virus situation and with the unexpected closure of uncountable everyday consumer related businesses, coming back to a normal lifestyle seemed a dream. This dream saw fruition when, first the lockdown was relaxed, and now, as the present Federal Government has declared the reopening of dine-ins and beauty salons along with many other businesses, life may be coming back to a normal routine. As it is, Pakistan is not one of the countries that topped the COVID-19 hit, graph .


The Federal Minister stressed that the SOP’s be followed for the safety of everyone. A review regarding the decision of reopening of businesses shall take place on the 7th of September 2020, “so far this is all that we have done” he added, pertaining to the COVD-19 control. This also includes the smart lockdown that was proposed by the federal government which is (reviewing the everyday situation and implying a lockdown if needed).

The proposed Federal Government schedule of reopening of various business is:

  • 8 August:
  • August 10 2020:
    Restaurants, dine-in, Cinemas and Theatres, Public Points and Gyms.
  • September 15 2020:
    Education institutions and Marriage halls

As the businesses like, dine in restaurants, beauty salons, expo centers and so on reopen along-with shrines the need for public transport to get operative for the people also arises. For this Umar said that public transport for commuting is definitely permitted. Pillion riding is also allowed.

Sports and games will resume once again but spectators may not be allowed as the stadiums may get over crowded, so they might be televised. Online viewing of those is already in place.

On the Provincial front Home Department of Sindh Government has decided to reopen the public parks and gathering spots for the masses to once again enjoy the pleasure of being outdoors in the parks.

The Government of Punjab has reopened the parks with relevant SOPs for the citizens. Although the gaming and children’s runabout things are still not allowed as a precaution.

As the month of Moharram arrives the discussions with religious leaders has taken place for an SOP observing Moharram proceedings similar to other religious months.



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