Fake videos spread all over social media, as no one bothers to challenge rigging allegations

By: |Syed Tazmeen Javed|


Ever since the elections 2018 are held, the same old mantra of ‘rigged polls’ have surfaced over the media. In just 2 days, there are various videos over the social media indicating the election regardless of whichever  party has won were massively rigged.

As a voter, what I observed in my polling station, while I went to cast my vote was, that the possibility of rigging during the poll days was minimal. This was for two reasons: One, the presence of army officers which were deployed on the request  of Election Commission of Pakistan and 2nd mobile phones were not allowed.

However, videos on facebooks uploaded suggests rigging during the poll process. Interestingly, no political party has come forward with allegations of rigging during the process. The allegations by major parties except Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is pre and post rigging attempts. They contended that the form 45 which is given to polling agent was not handed over to them, or in some instances many polling agents were “kicked out” from the polling station allegedly.

Adding more insult to injury was the deferment of election  results, as ECP claimed their Result Transmission System (RTS) collapsed, making conspiracy theorists to design strong malicious propaganda.

Well this is not my topic for today, as we would discuss this some other time.

The point of concern is, how the social media has turned out to be spreading fake news, creating confusions and possible anarchy. No one bothers to check the veracity of rigging claims during poll process.

But the reality is evident so far, that the videos posted on Fb and shared in whats app don’t exactly match the dates posted on YouTube surprisingly.

The following is the FB link, which spreads fake information that rigging taking place during 2018 elections, held on July 25th.

PTI rigging

PTI rigging on election 2018

Posted by Khalid Baloch on Thursday, July 26, 2018


However, this video was posted 10 years back in YouTube, 2008.

Here is the original link available on YouTube. Click the full button to see the original date




It is clear that video is a decade old, posted after 4 days of elections 2008. General Elections 2008 were held on 18 February.  For cross check, please refer to Wikipedia


A similar video posted on Fb claims rigging during the poll process allegedly by PTI.


تبدیلی ایسے آئ ہیں

Posted by Ahmed Riaz on Thursday, July 26, 2018


However, a video version of YouTube categorically dismisses the claim, however I will not indict any party, but the date is evident that this video was 5 years old, posted in 2013. Watch the YouTube version in full screen



Having said this, the allegations of riging by political parties must be investigated, as the due responsibility lies over ECP, however simultaneously, if there is effective Cyber crime wing in Pakistan then they must take stern actions against the perpetrators dissemination false information in an already politicized society.


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