Fashion, Lifestyle: Capturing it with different angle

By: |Syed Tazmeen Javed|


Everyone dreams big. This tends to be the aspiration of every youngster that has the vision of inspiring others. Karachi is the city of huge talents, hope and the city to do something unique. This amounts to be the distinctive feature of few individuals who dream high but corroborate their talent with hard work, passion with the much societal, value constraints.

However this obstruction does not distract them from their end cause. In a mean while, what lacks is that their work goes unrecognized. Due to lack of resources, proper defined audience and mainly due to huge competition revolving around, the bigger names make into the main stream.

But let me introduce to you Waqas,  a Karachi based youngster just entered into his 18 years of age, but possesses serious amount of talent that he has showcased through his photography and eye catching skills.

This article is not promotion but rather giving due sense of acknowledgment to his work, which he has started initiating in the fashion world. Though not well equipped with Degrees hanging on his neck but has started to take his work with limited resources to next extreme in the fashion world.

However I personally can’t comment on the technicalities of his sense of capturing images, I leave it to you, the readers to rate his work and the future endeavors he is planning.

These are his few mesmerizing breath taking images that will leave you enthralledIMG_6544 (1)




The sense of editing, making it more sensuous, experimenting his skills on very unknown faces, but rendering a never ending breath taking impact on the viewer.

Waqas with his undeterred resolve is setting new ventures in the field of fashion.IMG_9074

In a meanwhile he does not only confine his work to capture fashion, but rather gives extra colors to scenic beauty.

Although he has more to learn and gain experience, but without the sheer of doubt this youngster is all set to impress the ‘big ones’ if he remains focused and never get complacent with his endeavors.



We wish all the best to this youngster who would learn, seek and aspire to contribute more towards his work. Best wishes to him in this regard.

IMG_320400 (1)


Waqas, capturing it with different angle.


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