Filming The Best of Disasters

Movie producers have always taken up natural calamities as a hot subject to create and present their 35mm digital wonders. Have a good big screen – and they are sure to give you the jitters. Tornados whirl up everything, no matter how big, to the unfathomable skies, waves crush and reclaim all within their reach when a storm strikes. The thrill that humans seek when faced by an adventure or a calamity as a means to let-out-to-fear itself. Adrenaline at its best! That’s what a good disaster movie is about, is it not. It works! Works to the extent that severe calamites and disasters are included in superhero movies as part of adding thrill with action.


Quite a few movies we’ve seen have already used the Antarctic region to portray severe living conditions from challenging the human survival limits to hidden bunkers and their unraveling mysteries of yore. That so because frozen over time there are uncountable secrets to the region. Life in those areas is not only tough but also almost unbearable where extreme conditions are concerned. And, survival stories take good advantage of the adversities that present themselves therein.

When we are truly faced with a situation where the global warming is taking its toll and the resurgence of age old viruses is expected as the thawing brings them to life then cases are reported of both humans and animals being affected by these viruses costing lives. The phenomenon is of a serious nature as the glaciers melt, bringing the virus back to life says scientists from Paris and Sweden.

This is prone to give the film makers a good slick chance to come up with a further enthralling line of disaster movies. Not to mention that there still have not been any flick of consequence of the present COVID virus. We may expect a couple or so to screen soon as there is no paucity of ideas and the
film-makers are always doing their best in brining the most relevant subject to forefront. But that is another subject we’ll talk about in another blog at another time.

However, coming back to the movie making, there is a mighty chance that when a situation worsens there may be a further increase in disaster movies production, given the circumstances that the happening is film making worthy. The genre may shift from distaste to horror to thriller but the setting is all too ready for it.



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