Financial stress and COVID-19

COVID-19, a pandemic, has caused chaos around the world. People, specifically belonging to the lower class and middle class have been shaken to their core. Additionally, the fear of harm to the physical well-being has casted an effect on mental health and even troubled people financially. The most troubled are the families where there is only one breadwinner and many people to consume that income. Therefore, as responsible people of the nation, and in order to reduce the financial and mental stress of each other, social distancing should be our priority. Secondly, people should get their vaccination done in order to protect themselves from contracting the virus.


Covid came and changed the pattern of operations in the world. But if we as Pakistanis evaluate ourselves, how much have we changed our pattern of behavior. With major changes emerging in our surroundings due to Covid, it is necessary to change ourselves too. With the rise of Covid 19, with its 2nd, 3rdwaves striking the society, financial crisis are surging too. The questions of utmost importance to be answered are how to overcome over the financial crisis, and how to maintain your mental peace in such circumstances.

Develop acceptance of Covid:

Pakistan was first struck by the first wave of Covid in late May 2020. Since then, the number of Covid cases has been fluctuating. There are months when there is sudden rise in the Covid cases. Whereas, on other days, the percentage of emerging Covid cases remains below 5 percent. With such a long time period being passed, it is necessary that we accept the fact that Covid exists and that we have to live with it for an unknown time period. Unfortunately, when the Covid cases rise, and lockdown is imposed, the result is that many businesses, firms, and organizations collapse and people go jobless in no time.

To find the way out of this chaos and stress, it is essential that we prepare ourselves for all possible circumstances and develop positive attitude towards the situation that we find ourselves in. A sip of positivity restores the calmness of mind and heart. Though, it might not be an easy thing to do. But for putting a full stop to the negative clouds emerging, positivity is the way out. Additionally, setting realistic goals is of utmost importance. In the situation that has surrounded us, we should develop acceptance to uplift ourselves as well as the people surrounding us. We should brainstorm the ways to adapt to the situation.

Reduce your expenses:
It is wise to cut down expenses during these times. This can only be done by distinguishing between the essentials and non-essentials of our everyday life. Saving the money for the hard times and creating a budget and sticking to that budget, is no doubt an effective strategy.
Set realistic goals for financial stability:
In order to face the crashing waves of financial stress, it is necessary to set realistic financial goals for yourself. One might use the resources that he has available at his hand to make his living. Starting small businesses may serve as a paddle for your boat.
Among the businesses, one may start a food business, selling homemade food to the people through pages on Instagram or Facebook. Among other options are delivery services, doing content writing at various platforms (if you have mastered this art), and doing part-time jobs.

To sum up

The favor that we can do ourselves in these hard times is having faith and hope. Being dejected about the financial wellbeing can only make the situation worse. One got to believe that he has the ability to sail smoothly through the situation and nothing is permanent in this temporary world.



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